The latest in genetic screening technology

Most people do not know they are carriers and sadly, each year around the world millions of parents find out only when their child is born with a serious life-threatening genetic disorder.
Gene Carrier Screening takes blood samples from a healthy individual, or couple, who otherwise show no signs of a disorder, to see if they carry a faulty gene or even carry a matching faulty gene.
Identifying family members who may have had a condition in the past can help determine which genetic tests may be appropriate.
If you are pregnant, or are considering becoming pregnant, and are concerned about having a baby with a health problem, you may want to explore the options for gene screening.
In partnership with BGI Healthcare an expert accredited laboratory, this is my: genetics is able to offer specific gene testing. If we know what you are looking for we can use specialised new generation sequencing to look for most genetic problems. 
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Prices from £150