3D Gait Analysis Wih MotionMetrix

At this is my: Sports Medicine we offer 3D gait analysis using MotionMetrix, the most comprehensive motion analysis system available in the region. After a short run on our treadmill, we will provide you with your full biomechanical profile that reveals how efficient you are as a runner and if you exhibit any risks of getting injured. Our experts will then spend time discussing your running technique and make recommendations to improve your performance and reduce your injury risk.
Anybody that wants to be evidence based with their gait analysis assessments. Including: Physiotherapists, Sports Teams, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Podiatrist, Retailers, Sports Therapists, Running Coaches and Gait Rehabilitators.
3D Gait analysis uses revolutionary technology and uses no body markers but uses auto body detection and segmentation technology giving immediate results.